Virgin Media offers FREE boost for users and the timing couldn’t be better

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Some smartphone users can now benefit from a big data boost for free. That’s all thanks to a major update from Virgin Media O2 with the telecoms giant announcing that it’s donating an extra 15 million GB of free mobile data to the National Databank.

This service, which was founded back in 2021, is a little like a food bank with those in need able to get mobile data, calls and texts without paying.

Now run by the Good Things Foundation, anyone suffering from the cost of a living crisis can now apply for an O2 SIM that comes loaded with 20GB data per month plus free calls and texts. That’s up from 15GB before today’s Virgin O2 boost.

This lasts for a year and is available to those in low-income households who have insufficient access to the internet at home, cannot afford their existing monthly contract or have no access to the internet when away from the home.

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Virgin says that since the launch of the National Databank, more than 50,000 SIM cards have been given to community organisations, and more than 10,000 O2 voucher codes have been issued.

Along with Virgin Media O2, Three and Vodafone have also joined the National Databank incentive with those customers also able to apply for free data access.

Speaking about the update, Lutz Schüler, CEO of Virgin Media O2, said: “As the proud founder of the UK’s National Databank, we know how important it is for people most affected by the rise in the cost of living to have access to free mobile data so they can get online and stay in touch with loved ones, and access essential services, from virtual medical appointments, to job interviews and training.

“That’s why Virgin Media O2 is providing extra help for people in need by donating even more free data to the Good Things Foundation and the National Databank to ensure people can stay connected during the difficult months ahead.

“It’s part of our mission to upgrade the UK where we want to end data poverty for good and create a better, more connected country for everyone.”

Here’s what 20GB of data offers each month:

• Browse for around 220 hours

• Send around 320,000 emails without attachments or around 6,000 emails with attachments

• Download around 340 songs

• Watch around 800 minutes of TV

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