Wuhan scientists create laser beam so powerful ‘it can scar the air’ with words

A new laser can turn air into light, paving the way for powerful holograms.

Chinese researchers in Wuhan, where COVID-19 originated, have created a laser that can draw patterns of light by 'scorching' the air.

The letters can be viewed from any angle and even physically touched thanks to the breakthrough, which converts air into light.

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Without any paper or ink, the lasers use buckets of electricity to generate a glowing hologram of any pattern, although the research team in question used it to write Chinese characters.

Scientists hope to use the laser in brain imaging experiments or even powerful quantum computers.

According to South China Morning Post, Cao Xiangdong, one of the lead researchers behind the project, said: "With the brand new device, we can draw in the air without using paper and ink.

"The display is an accumulation of our research over more than a decade."

The laser works by stripping electronics from air molecules and turning them into light.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping said the development of tools like this are a matter of "great urgency" as he toured the country to promote science and new technology.

Earlier this month, the heads of the FBI and MI5 held a joint press conference to warn that China poses a 'game-changing' security threat and is engaged in 'stealing' technology.

However, it appears that this Wuhan innovation was not stolen, as nobody else seems to have come up with anything like it yet.


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