Apple to pay Mac owners up to £250 each after making the ‘worst keyboard ever’

If you owned a Macbook and had to replace your keyboard between 2015 and 2019 you could be due a big payout.

Apple has agreed to fork out over £41 million ($50 million) to customers that owned a Macbook with the company's controversial 'butterfly' keys following a four-year legal case.

Those who needed multiple replacements could be due £250 ($300), while those who needed one replacement will get £105 ($125).

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Meanwhile, if you needed any key caps (the cover of your keyboard) replaced, you'll be paid £41.70 ($50).

The lawsuit was filed against Apple after it replaced its regular keyboards with the 'Butterfly' keyboard (called the 'worst keyboard ever' by some) on more than 15 million laptops sold in the USA.

While this was designed to be slimmer and more elegant, the Butterfly keyboard was said to be bad for the environment, had key press issues, and could be easily damaged by dust or crumbs. This meant users' keys would get stuck in a pressed position.

If your Butterfly keyboard broke because of even a single breadcrumb, it was said to be very difficult to get it replaced.

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Apple eventually got rid of this keyboard in 2020 due to popular demand.

Macbook owners from across the USA are eligible to apply for a share of the compensation. Many of them will be contacted directly by Apple to inform of their eligibility.

Apple, meanwhile, 'vigorously denies liability' and said in the court documents that "the proposed settlement to resolve this case is not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing of any kind by Apple."

Apple has not released a public statement on the case.


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