Woman insists she captured Bigfoot picture in eerie photo in the woods

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A Bigfoot sceptic's mother-in-law insists that she has accidentally captured a picture of the mysterious beast.

Reddit user u/deathofcake shared the image to Reddit page r/bigfoot, along with some details surrounding the snap.

They wrote: "I was talking to my mother-in-law about Bigfoot because I have been on this sub a lot lately, and she told me she had a picture of one, this is the picture.

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"This was taken about a mile into their woods while she was taking pictures of trees to potentially be cut down for lumber. What do you think?"

Although the supposed Sasquatch is tricky to discern amongst the trees at first, something that appears different to the surroundings can definitely be spied in the centre of the image, deep in the woods.

If you look closely, there appears to be a gap at the bottom of the shadowy figure, perhaps a space between its legs.

The original poster explained further in the comments that, although they are "not so sure", their mother-in-law "swears it's a Bigfoot".

They also explained that the snap was taken roughly 10 years ago in Alabama, US.

"She says she was taking a lot of pictures of different areas to show the lumber people what sort of trees were on the land," they said.

"She didn't notice anything until she looked at the pictures later.

"She asked me to post it here to see what you all thought."

Responding to the snap, several Bigfoot believers reckoned the mother-in-law had stumbled upon something incredible.

One wrote: "You can definitely see the left shoulder and arm and back of the head."

Another said: "You can see a juvenile holding the adult and looking straight at the camera too. That is why the arm and hand is down like that."

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However, not everyone was convinced.

One said: "At first I thought it could be a bear or something furry, but if it was just photos she was snapping and didn’t see something move, now I think it’s a tree trunk."

"Probably a wider tree trunk with a shadow casted on it," guessed another.

A third said: "It definitely looks like something big and furry/hairy but beyond that I can’t tell much."


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