Woman ends up in A&E after using mouthwash to drown cockroach in her ear

A woman ended up in A&E after attempting to drown a cockroach in her ear with mouthwash.

She documented the ordeal on TikTok where her two videos about it have garnered more than 450,000 views in total.

In her first video she documented her trip to Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore, with medics probing her right ear with an array of tools.

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After that video went viral, she did a follow up explaining exactly what had happened.

She said: "Honestly right I'm just f**king unlucky because how does this happen to someone?!"

She explained that she was in bed asleep but woke up to the feeling of a cockroach near – not inside – her ear.

"So I whacked it like really hard, I whacked it because I was panicking and I was trying to get it out [of the bed]," she said.

"And when I whack it it f**king crawled into my ear.

"I just got up and I screamed so damn loud. It was f**king disgustingly uncomfortable because I could feel it wiggling in my ear."

She added that it wasn't fully grown but not tiny, around 3cm to 4cm in length, and that she couldn't get it out with her fingers.

Her first instinct was to then run to the bathroom, grab a bottle of mouthwash brand Listerine, fill up the cap and cup it to her ear before drowning it.

"And at this point, honestly I don't think Listerine is safe for your ear but I didn't know what else to do," she said.

The creepy-crawly eventually stopped moving but her hearing remained muffled with it still in there.

She then reached for tweezers to finish off the job but that didn't go well.

She went on: "I broke it into like, pieces. So when some of it came out right, the white guts came out, and like the skin of the cockroach – the f**king, like oh my god, the brown shell came out.

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"You don't understand, like, I wanted to puke."

At this point she realised the pieces of the cockroach were stuck in the crevice of her ear, and that she needed to contact the professionals.

She rang her mum – who laughed – before heading to A&E and enduring a "f**king painful" 30-minute long removal process.


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