Twitter salaries can vary by up to 225%, leaked data shows

A shocking pay disparity for Twitter employees across the globe has come to light following leaked data.

Information from Twitter’s Salary Range Dashboard shows what the social media site’s employees earn, depending on where in the world they’re based.

And it appears that, for example, a manager in the UK could be paid less than someone they’re managing in the States.

Of course, those workers outside the UK and the US are being paid even less. In some cases, the gap in pay can vary by as much as 225%.

The information was provided to Input, which published the data exclusively and spoke to sources within Twitter about the issue.

According to the site, the salary data is divided into minimum, middle and maximum amounts.

‘It’s not like, “You can be paid between $10 and $20,”‘ an anonymous Twitter employee told Input. ‘It’s, “Someone is paid $10 in this role, and someone [else] is paid $20.”‘

Input reports: Examples of large pay differences include legal counsel directors (a Level 8 position) earning a maximum of $338,000 in New York, compared to $203,000 for the same role in the U.K.; curation leads (a Level 6 role) earning a maximum of $226,000 in San Francisco, compared to A$216,000 ($149,000) in Australia and 1,330,000 pesos ($65,000) in Mexico; and data specialists (Level 3) earning a maximum of $51,000 in the U.K., compared to 128,000GHS ($15,600) in Ghana.

Twitter, unsurprisngly, had something to say about this once the piece had been published.

A spokesperson issued this statement: ‘Twitter regularly evaluates compensation in each market where our employees are based to ensure we pay equitably and remain market competitive.

‘Each role’s compensation is localized depending on location, and our approach ensures we are competitive against local market practices.’

Aside from issues around pay, the company is currently engaging in a legal battle with Elon Musk over whether he’ll take ownership after walking away from a £43 billion deal.

The two entities are at loggerheads due to Twitter suing the businessman for failing to complete the purchase deal.

Earlier in July, Musk’s attorney Mike Ringler said the social media giant ‘has not complied with its contractual obligations’. He said it had not provided Elon with relevant business information he requested, forcing him to pull the plug.

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