Drunk monk in car tells cops ‘whisky cures Covid-19’ got kicked out of monkhood

A drunk monk has been arrested after trying to claim that he was drink driving because “whiskey can prevent Covid-19”.

Buddhist monk Phra Thanakorn, 63, was pulled over by police who was driving around asking people for money and “causing mayhem” in a local market area in the Mueang Loej district of Thailand.

Having got out to cause more mayhem yesterday (July 20), police found his bronze pickup truck outside the market, and realised who it belonged to as it had the name of his Buddhist temple printed on the car door.

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Having gone to find him, they returned to the car to find him sitting inside, drunk.

They asked him to get out of the car, which he did, but it was reportedly obvious he was “very drunk” as he staggered out of it.

Police said that the monk was “speaking nonsense” when questioned, and that he failed to produce any form of ID when asked.

Despite admitted that he was meant to be on a three-month retreat in his temple in Na Din Dam, he was instead getting drunk on whisky with lemon.

According to local reports, a source said: “The monk said that he and two more monks left the temple in the pickup truck in the morning to go to the market, but their usual driver had been in an accident, which is why he drove the pickup truck himself.

“He also told police that before he got in the car, he did two shots of 40 Degrees rice whiskey mixed with lemons, because he believes it helps to prevent Covid-19.”

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The monk also admitted that he was drunk, so was taken to the Muang Loej police station to be tested, where they found him to be “significantly intoxicated”.

His drunken antics will now see him kicked out of his monkhood after breaking several rules, including leaving the temple grounds during the rains retreat, asking for money, getting intoxicated and drink driving, Leoj’s Provincial Office of Buddhism said.

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