Over half of dog owners have a ‘bucket list’ of things to do with their pet

One in three dog owners see their pooch as their “adventure buddy”, and as many as half have a “bucket list” of experiences they would like to share with them – including dog yoga classes and holidaying abroad.

The top memorable activities besotted dog owners dream of sharing with their pet include running on the beach, enjoying a dog-friendly hotel break, and taking a road trip.

And for the more adventurous owners – and pups – other experiences on the top 30 list include wild swimming, paddleboarding, hiking a mountain, camping, and going on a bike ride.

The study of 2,000 dog owners found one in three (32%) consider their four-legged friend to be their adventure buddy, while 45% think having a pooch makes them feel less lonely when out and about.

Activities many have already enjoyed with their pet include running on the beach (29%), swimming in the sea (16%), and going on a bike ride (10%).

It also emerged some even favour activities with their pet over another human – including a staycation (20%), climbing a mountain (15%), and going wild swimming (15%).

The research, commissioned by natural dog food makers, Forthglade, found nearly a third (30%) are keen to create adventure-led memories with their dog.

And owners typically describe their dog as confident (47%), mischievous (40%), and adventurous (31%).

Toby Roberts, from Essex, who has owned his rescue dog, Ted, for three years, said: “We have a great bond, and he is so much fun to be around.

“Ted is a huge part of our lives and we have terrific adventures. We went on a big campervan trip around Europe in 2019, and of course he came with us.

“We went through five different countries, travelled 3,000km, and it was great to spend the time with Ted.”

David Cox, CEO at Forthglade, said: “With dog ownership increasing substantially over the last few years, it’s great to see our canine companions encouraging us to get outdoors more, experiencing adventures together.

“Adding adventures on top of the daily dog walk is hugely beneficial to the health and wellbeing of both us and our dogs – and can really boost a nourishing relationship together, which in turn increases our levels of happiness.

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“Dogs are ideal teachers when it comes to sniffing out adventures and sharing endless excitement along the way.”

The study also revealed the benefits people believe come from enjoying adventures with their dog, with 38% getting more exercise.

Others think it helps improve their mental health (35%), and allows them to form a closer bond with their dog (38%).

Similarly, pet owners said getting fresh air (40%), creating memories (31%), and meeting new people and their pets (26%), were incentives for getting outdoors with their dog.

It also found 58% have taken their dog on holiday in the UK, while a third have travelled abroad with their canine companion.

And three in five admitted to planning day trips solely around their pet’s needs – with key must-haves including plenty of open space (38%), beautiful scenery (35%), and the sea (23%).

Of those polled, via OnePoll, three in ten (29%) even said one of the reasons they got a dog was to encourage more outdoor adventures.


  1. Run on the beach
  2. Holiday in the UK
  3. Dog-friendly hotel break
  4. Explore the local area/town
  5. Road trip
  6. Watch a sunset
  7. Swim in the sea
  8. Watch a sunrise
  9. Camping
  10. Hike a mountain
  11. Explore a new city
  12. Holiday abroad
  13. Dine al fresco
  14. Wild swimming
  15. Bike ride
  16. Complete an agility course
  17. Dog-friendly spa day
  18. Watch a live sports game
  19. Boat tour
  20. Paddleboarding
  21. Walk down the aisle on their wedding day
  22. Dog yoga classes
  23. Attend a festival
  24. Outdoor cinema experience
  25. Kayaking
  26. Travel on a plane
  27. Canoeing
  28. Skateboarding
  29. Sailing
  30. Surfing

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