Netflix now charging users extra to share their passwords and it isn’t cheap

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If you're sharing your Netflix with a loved one⁠—or freeloading off of a friend⁠—the fun could soon be coming to an end, as the streaming giant has finally begun rolling out monthly charges for password sharing.

First announced in March, Netflix has now begun testing additional charges for users who share their passwords, starting in five Latin American countries.

The feature, which Netflix is calling 'add an extra home', will force users to pay more for their subscription if their account is used for more than 2 weeks outside their homes.

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If successful, the feature could be rolled out to the rest of the world, bringing an end to thousands of people's free rides.

A Netflix support page in Honduras, where the test is being run, explains: "Beginning August 2022, when you sign in to Netflix on a TV outside of your home, you will see the option to add the extra home for an additional fee per month.

"If you will only be using this TV for a limited time, you can watch Netflix for up to two weeks at no extra charge as long as your account has not been previously used in that location."

"After that time, the TV will be blocked unless you add the extra home."

The fees currently cost around $2.99 (£2.50) per month in the test countries.

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Netflix's director of product innovation said that the tests are being run because "today's widespread account sharing between households undermines our long-term ability to invest in and improve our service.

The trials follow news that Netflix has once again lost subscribers, this time dropping 1.23 million users in the US and Canada between March and June alone.

This follows a decline throughout 2022 which also saw the streaming platform lose 600,000 subscribers for the first time in the first three months of the year.

Netflix is not only trying to cut its losses by charging people for password-sharing. It's also set to introduce a cheaper tier that includes ads by way of a partnership with Microsoft.

Netflix insists its current subscription plans will remain ad free but that it thinks "over the long run, we think advertising can enable substantial incremental membership (through lower prices) and profit growth (through ad revenues)."


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