iPhone appears to save Ukrainian soldier from a bullet

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As far back as the English Civil War in 1643, soldiers have credited objects in their pockets — usually bibles — with blocking bullets that could have ended their lives.

In World War II, some soldiers were even issued with steel-covered editions for this very purpose.

Today, that tradition has taken on a thoroughly modern twist.

If images circulating on social media are accurate, an iPhone may have recently stopped a bullet hitting a soldier in Ukraine.

A short video posted to Twitter and Reddit appears to show the soldier pulling an iPhone out of the pocket of a vest stashed in the boot of a vehicle.

The device’s glass screen and back cover are completely smashed, with cracks radiating from a central point of impact.

There isn’t any footage of the incident itself, so it’s hard to verify the damage was indeed caused by a bullet — and that a soldier was wearing that vest at the time.

The phone was damaged beyond repair, but the student left the incident unharmed.

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