Britain’s strictest pub has phone and kids ban with swearing seeing you barred

The new landlords of a Samuel Smith pub have banned all swearing in the boozer are enforcing some other strict new rules.

Back in October 2019, the pub was closed down after brewery boss Humphrey Smith overheard a customer utter the F-word.

So disgusted by what he'd heard he closed down the brand new pub, which had only been open for seven weeks, and the property lay empty for almost three years.

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Mr Smith, 76, who runs 300 pubs across the UK, has now agreed to reopen The Fox & Goose in Droitwich, Worcs., but there are a few strict rules in place that must be followed.

It's quite common to hear the odd expletive in a boozer when the drinks are flowing and everyone is having a good time. However, anyone caught swearing in this pub will be asked to leave.

The new landlords, Ana Hale-Askew and Alex Savage, live above the pub and fear if the establishment gets closed down they will lose their home as well as their business.

Alex, 68, said: “We are welcoming customers back, provided they curtail any foul language.

"If the pub gets closed we will lose our home as well.

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“I don't want to be in that situation. I've got visions of running this place for a couple of years.

"We've told everyone to come in, enjoy a drink and have a laugh but for heaven's sake keep it clean."

The "zero tolerance" policy also includes a ban on using mobile phones or electronic tablets inside and children are only permitted inside the pub if they are using the toilet.

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Alex added: "It was the swearing that got us closed last time. We have had two complete trading weeks.

“A lot of that reputation was in the past and no longer justified. We're open for business. Please show your faces and give the beer a try.

"To help us keep it open we need people to work with us and control their language."

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His partner Ana Hale-Askew, 22, added: ‘’We always have to keep our ear out for any bad language.

"We give people a gentle warning if they swear and then if they do it again they're asked to leave.

"Thankfully it hasn't happened very often since we've been here.

"One thing about running a Samuel Smith pub is that you follow the rules whatever they may be and that means no potty mouths."

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