BT has just made it much cheaper to boost your home broadband speeds

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If your Wi-Fi is woefully bad then a new deal from BT could be just what you’re looking for. The UK broadband supplier has now slashed the price of its internet-boosting Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi discs which help whizz the web to every room in your home and make sure there are no annoying broadband blackspots.

Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi deal

BT and Amazon have both slashed the price of the Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi system which makes sure every room in the home has a strong connection to the web.

View Deal WAS £299.99

The bundle includes three discs which can be placed in different parts of your property to keep bedrooms, kitchens and even the garden shed fully connected. Each disc links to one another to create a mesh-style signal which will extend much further than a single router tucked under the TV.

BT’s standard price for this system is £299.99 but right now you can grab this trio of boosters for just £229.99 – that’s a £60 saving.

The deals are available on BT’s store with Amazon also offering the same low price to its shoppers.

Along with improving the overall connection around the home, there are other advantages of using BT’s discs including being able to make sure devices automatically connect to the fastest and strongest signal as you move around from room to room.

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It’s also possible to set schedules for individual or groups of devices which means you can stop the web working on the kids’ tablets before they head to bed.

There’s even the option to pause things so the Netflix binge has to end when it’s time for dinner.

One final thing that these BT discs can do is offer a guest Wi-Fi network which means friends and family don’t need to be given the actual password of your router.

This guest access can be easily changed so if the neighbours come round for a BBQ they won’t be able to continue piggybacking your broadband once they’ve gone home.


Before you tap the buy button, it’s worth noting that Amazon has also just slashed the price of its award-winning Eero Wi-Fi boosters which will beam broadband around the home at much faster and more reliable speeds. The deal, which is available right now, means you can take delivery of these boosters for as little as £49.99 – that’s a bit of a bargain.

Amazon has even cut the cost of its very latest Eero Pro 6 range which features improved Wi-Fi 6 technology which can cope with faster downloads and more devices connected to it at the same time – some Eero devices can keep over 75 gadgets online without things stuttering.

Amazon Eero

The incredible Amazon Eero has dropped to its lowest ever price – lower than during the Black Friday sales last year. Eero offers huge coverage for your Wi-Fi signal as well as a dizzying number of advanced options from the iPhone and Android app. And you can expand the mesh network in future with more Eero gadgets too

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