Model discovers ‘mould’ growing in her car after not driving for three weeks

A model was shocked to find that "mould" had grown all over the inside of her car after she didn't drive it for just three weeks.

Jess Davis – who owns Aussie restaurant chain Mr Potato with partner Tyson Hoffman – uploaded disgusting footage of her discovery to TikTok.

The 31-year-old from Sydney, Australia said in the clip: “OK, I can’t believe this has happened.

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“I haven’t driven my car in three weeks and when we went to open it today, we found this. It’s f*cked.”

Jess then opens the door to reveal a horrid off-white substance covering the steering wheel and driver's seat of her Audi.

“I am growing a rainforest in my car and I don’t even know what to do,” she said.

Speaking to, about the grim discovery, Jess explained that it was Tyson who initially found it.

She said: "At first, I thought that an animal or a snake had found it’s way inside, but I was even more shocked when I saw what had actually happened.

"Once we discovered what had happened, Tyson – god bless him – put a face mask on and cleaned off enough of the mould so that we was able to take it to the detailers.

"It’s now been thoroughly cleaned – although there is still a lingering smell, so I feel like some strong mould killer is required to finish off the job!"

Theorising over how the mould could have formed, Jess explained that the couple recently relocated to Sydney from Adelaide to oversee the expansion of their restaurant chain.

Hence, the more humid weather possibly reacting with moisture in the car to create the mega mould.

She'd heard about it happening before and, after a bit of research, found out that it's a common occurrence around the world.

This was confirmed by people in the comments section on TikTok who shared similar experiences.

“Seen a full mushroom farm in my ute in Darwin,” one said.

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Another said: “That happened to a friend’s car! It was under a cover for a few months, found it completely full of mould growing everywhere inside.”

A third said: “This happened to one of my cars and I don’t quite know what to do about it either.

“I thought about just calling a tow truck and getting rid of it.”


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