Man removes pants to brazenly poo into plastic bag in middle of shopping centre

A desperate man has been spotted removing his trousers and pants and pooing into a plastic bag in the middle of a shopping centre.

The disgusting video of the incident shows the man defecating at VivoCity shopping centre in Singapore at around 4pm on Tuesday (June 28).

He can be seen with his pants around his ankles, crouching down with several plastic bags on the floor below him.

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The man also appeared to be reaching down into the bags.

It was recorded by someone called Aki, who sent it to Mothership.

"As me and my friends were walking around in VivoCity, the mall, we saw this man talking a dump in the open and leaving it there in a plastic bag for someone to clean it," Aki said.

Aki explained the daring dump occurred outside a Japanese grilled meat restaurant on the second floor of the shopping centre.

He caught the man in the act as he was coming to the end of his business.

Aki also recorded a second video, showing vomit-inducing brown splodges on the floor next to a red plastic bag.

"Dude just left his sh*t in a bag," a voice can be heard shouting.

To make matters more disgusting, he was later spotted walking around holding food as if nothing had happened.

"After he left the scene, he was acting pretty normally," Aki said.

"He was holding a pack of doughnuts and walked around the mall. We saw him again just walking around the mall."

Aki didn't know whether a member of staff had to clean up the mess. He left after he recorded the video as the situation was so "disgusting".

The restaurant where the man pooed said they were not aware of the incident.

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"We also did not receive any messages or comments from members of the public/diners regarding the incident," they told Mothership.

Last month, a shop owner in the UK was left disgusted after a woman left her poo outside his property.

Shop owner Colin White, from Kent, went back to checked his CCTV after thinking it was left by a dog but it turned out that the culprit was not a dog at all.

It was actually a woman who had decided to take a dump right outside his shop, The Quarter Masters.


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