Daredevil stuntman recalls escape from inside dead cow by crawling out its bum

Daredevil stuntman Jonathan Goodwin has revealed he once escaped from inside a dead cow by crawling out from the animal’s bum.

The Welsh escape artist performed the ‘ridiculous’ stunt for show The Seven Stupidest Things to Escape From, but Channel 4 were so appalled they never aired it.

The 42-year-old admitted the cow – which he was sewn into ‘like a big shoe’ – was ‘very difficult’ to escape from.

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He added that once he had squeezed an arm out of the cow’s anus his father comedically shook his hand.

Channel 4 judged the whole event to be too gruesome for television.

Speaking on the Manatomy podcast, Goodwin – who is engaged to Sherlock actress Amanda Abbington, 48 – said: “I made a show, probably about 2004, for Channel 4 called the Seven Stupidest Things To Escape From.

“They became more and more ridiculous, and [there was] one I wanted to do…

“Houdini was apparently sewn up inside a dead whale and tried to escape.

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“I just thought, ‘That’s utterly arbitrary’.

“Normally an escape is based on something everybody knows it’s very difficult to escape from – like a prison or a safe or whatever.

“It just seemed so stupid, and so I had a bit of a search around, couldn’t find a whale so a cow was the next best thing.

“It was incredibly difficult, because it was at the tail end of the whole mad cow disease thing, so to get somebody to agree to give us a cow was not easy. It was a cow that was already due to be slaughtered.

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“Usually, in the process of getting the idea from your head to reality you have to make compromises.

“But the escape from the dead cow was exactly how I imagined.

“It was perfect. I was basically tied up and put inside it, and they laced it up like a big shoe – with legs.

“It was a very, very difficult thing to escape from. I couldn’t really breath in there and it was very heavy.

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“I managed to go… I escaped through its arse, basically.

“I managed to get my hand out of the cow and my dad, who’s an accidental comedy genius, walks over and shakes my hand through the arse of the cow.

“It was perfect.”

But Goodwin added the stunt was too much for producers, saying: “The thing was I had pitched it to Channel 4 and they were like, ‘Ok, great’.

“Then when they saw it they went, ‘We can’t put that on television’.

“Channel 4 back in the day, that’s a badge of honour that they refused to show it, because they would do anything.”


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