Israeli tech allows soldiers to ‘see through walls’ in terrifying development

An Israeli military tech company has created a new gadget which will enable the military to see through walls.

The Camero Xaver 1000 uses artificial intelligence-based tracking to detect live objects and people behind walls and buildings, and even tells users whether the object is an adult, a child or an animal.

This 'easy-to-use' system features a 10-inch touch screen and promises X-ray vision through walls "at the push of a button".

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Billed as a tool for both the military and the emergency services, it even lets users know the number of people inside a building, their height and orientation, and maps the layout of a room itself.

The company behind the invention, Camero Tech, said: "The Xaver 1000 is an essential system for military, law enforcement, search & rescue teams and intelligence units, operating in various situations including hostile urban and disaster environments.

"The system creates an unprecedented situational awareness 3D visual picture, providing a clear operational advantage and the ability to 'step into the knowns'."

It's unclear where the X-ray gadget will be deployed. However, Israel—where the company is based—sees millions of pounds of investment every year in advanced military technology and weaponry.

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The country currently uses facial recognition tech to spy on Palestinians in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank of Jerusalem.

Using smartphone technology called Blue Wolf, the Israeli military has reportedly gathered thousands of photos of Palestinians for years and put this into a giant database which is used to keep tabs on, and arrest, local residents.

Meanwhile, in the city of Hebron, soldiers use CCTV cameras with face-scanning tech to identify Palestinians before they even reach armoured checkpoints placed by the IDF.


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