You can get unbanned from WhatsApp with appeal feature – and send messages again

As an encrypted messaging service that keeps your texts private, it's not exactly easy to get banned from WhatsApp.

You have to have broken the app's terms of service by doing something like using an unofficial version of the app, creating too many groups, sending suspicious or illegal messages, or spamming.

WhatsApp users can also get banned if they're reported too many times.

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However, if your account has been suspended from the app for whatever reason, it is possible to have it reinstated thanks to the app's new review feature.

If you've been banned, you'll be given the option to contact WhatsApp Support to have your case reviewed.

It gives you the option to enter additional details and send attachments relevant to your ban so that WhatsApp moderators can check if the ban was mistaken or not.

Seasoned WhatsApp watchers at WABetaInfo said: "As a result of the review, your account may be restored if they see that their systems flagged your account by mistake so you can finally start using WhatsApp again.

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"If WhatsApp confirms that you've violated their Terms of Service, your account won't be unbanned, unfortunately."

The review system is available on both iPhone and Android versions of WhatsApp, so it doesn't matter which kind of device you're messaging on.

However, the feature can only currently be accessed through the WhatsApp beta programme, which lets users try out exciting new features long before they're released to the general public. This includes new group chat features, emoji reacts, and much more.


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