World has no ‘take me to your leader’ plan for when aliens make contact – expert

The world has no “take me to your leader” plan in place should aliens make contact, a top British space expert has revealed.

Professor Fred Watson, who is Australia’s Astronomer at Large, said boffins have a checklist to determine if any ETs who do try to get in touch are real or not.

But if scientists were able to establish they were genuine extraterrestrials, there is no-known policy in existence for who on Earth should greet them.

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“There isn’t anything in place,’’ the 77-year-old Bradford-born professor said.

“There’s a well-established chain of boxes that need to be ticked and it would go through a lot of analysis to ensure that what you’re talking about is a real phenomenon.

“However, once scientists identified what had happened, it’d then be up to the political leaders of the world to decide what to do about it, and as far as I’m aware, there’s no plan in place.’’

Professor Watson also admitted the chances of other life forms out there are very low, adding: “The overwhelming opinion is that while microbial life might exist… there’s a gloomy outlook about there being intelligent life forms

“The common view is we are just a complete freak of nature – intelligent life is so rare and is such an unlikely event."

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Meanwhile, China claims its Sky Eye telescope may have picked up signals from intelligent aliens, but US scientists said they were from human radio interference.

NASA has formed a team of space boffins to prove 143 unexplained objects spotted since 2004.

Brit astronaut Tim Peake said he did not believe the mysterious craft – spotted by US military pilots – could have been made by humans as the technology does not exist to have triggered their bizarre movements at impossible speed.

The sightings triggered a US Congressional hearing into Unexplained Aerial Phenomena prompting global speculation about close encounters.


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