Swiss ‘zero star hotel’ with no walls offers odd views of nearby petrol station

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A hotel room that features luxury pillows, idyllic rest and no walls or door has generated some attention from curious passers-by.

The double bed and lovely bedside lamp would be a nicer place to rest up had it been surrounded by four solid walls, but the Riklin brothers, Frank and Patrik, believe otherwise.

Their latest installation marks the null stern suite, translated from German to mean "zero star", as one of the worst spots to pick up a few hours sleep despite the seemingly comfortable bed on offer.

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Riklin and Riklin don't believe sleep is the point of their baffling new exhibit, positioned right next to a busy road in Switzerland.

Instead, they want potential guests to use the noisy time to reflect on the "world situation" around them, and what better way to do that, they think, than without walls.

The lack of privacy may turn some away, especially at a reported price of £275 a night, but those that do decide to spend the night in the Riklin Brothers' latest art installation may find some time for clarity.

No privacy or shelter is provided by the room, in a first for the brothers who are usually designing extremely open-plan rooms in idyllic places.

Beside a Garage S. Bertholet in Saillon, Switzerland is not quite idyllic, with the Riklin brothers experimenting with their first-ever "anti-idyllic" piece.

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Frank Riklin, one-half of the artist duo, said: "Sleep is not the point. What's important is reflecting about the current world situation. Staying her is a statement about the need for urgent changes in society."

Despite the odd and open location, guests are invited to consider topics such as climate change, war and are open to think about the impact of each on the world around them.

Patrik Riklin said: "In a nutshell, now is not the time to sleep, we have to react. If we continue in teh same direction we are today, there might be more anti-idyllic places than idyllic."

Even with the room being in such close proximity to a main road, the addition of a butler to the £275-a-night room marks it as a better stay than the slug-infested "sh**hole" reported by Daily Star.

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