Powerful new AI creating ‘scarily realistic’ humans who ‘never existed’

Fake humans created by a hyper-realistic artificial intelligence have finally been revealed—and the results are terrifying.

OpenAI, formerly Elon Musk's AI company, has been making waves over the last couple of weeks for its DALL-E2 system.

This ultra-smart image AI is capable of creating hyper-realistic digital images using nothing but text prompts written by people.

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After a ban on sharing images of human faces created by the AI was lifted, DALL-E2 users are now able to share their creations.

One DALL-E2 user, Patrick Clair, took to Twitter to share just some of his creations of artificial humans, which look just like photographs of real people.

His followers said they are 'speechless' looking at the images, with one user calling them "mesmerising and scary at the same time."

Making human faces with DALL-E was previously banned, after the company said the AI was creating racist and offensive imagery.

The system has had new safeguards put in place that "rejects attempts to create the likeness of any public figures, including celebrities" in order to prevent 'deepfakes' from being used to manipulate viewers.

OpenAI previously only prevented users from making images of political figures.

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DALL-E2 previously attracted controversy after some users believed it was 'creating its own language' that nobody else can understand. Two academics argued that the AI generates its own words to make sense of the images it creates, and then understands these words if read back to it.

The AI is currently in a closed testing phase, meaning that only a small group of people can only access it to create new images.

However, you may have already seen DALL-E Mini in used on social media, where people have been creating some terrifying and bizarre pictures.


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