Stranded driver claims he was ‘harassed’ by ‘Russian Bigfoot’ in eerie footage

A driver claims to have been harassed by a Bigfoot while he was stranded by the side of a road in Russia.

In a clip, posted to YouTube by TraverZa, it shows the glowing eyes of an unknown creature looking at the man as he walked through the snow at night.

The creature followed the bloke where he was around and was 'harassing' him in the eerie footage, which was recorded using a night vision camera.

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TraverZa wrote in the description: "An unknown creature on the night vision device."

It has later been shared by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organisation as they believe it to be evidence of the creature from folk law.

People in the comments posed theories for what was bothering him, with one user writing: "The video is very interesting, it seems that this creature is either Yeti or Bigfoot."

Another added: "Super creepy when it was on its knees. Reminds me of a baby Yeti."

A third even suggested it may be a "devil" or "evil spirits."

However, not everyone was convinced as one comment, written in Russian suggested that the clip was of a "man wearing glasses, crawling on the ground."

The news comes after a man found what he reckons are Bigfoot tracks in the woods, with one measuring a staggering 17inches long and one foot wide.

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Joseph Kenneth Savelli shared photos of the eerie footprints to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) Facebook page.

A keen hiker from Montrose, Pennsylvania, US, Joseph explained that he found tracks of varying sizes in an area of woodland he's very familiar with.

The different-sized prints – if real – could suggest the area is home to a family of Sasquatches.

Both prints have filled up with rain water, highlighting just how far down they go and just how heavy whatever made them must have been.


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