‘Sexiest ghost I’ve ever seen flirted with me in pub’ claims paranormal sleuth

A ghost hunter claims the "sexiest spirit she has even seen" flirted with her at a "very, very old pub" which left her with a "tickle".

Rachel Parsons who runs the popular Retford Ghost Hunters says she was taken aback by a handsome figure who proceeded to woo her with a so-called word bank.

The 50-year-old and her team were investigating what is now known as Jack's Craft Ale House & Diner in Flockton, West Yorkshire when she was struck by the good looks of an eerie resident.

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As is routine for the Rachel's ghoul getters, the entire encounter was live streamed to their fans on Facebook, during which she can be seen getting excited about the presence of certain company.

Rachel told the Daily Star that she suspects the ghost — potentially named Marcus — fancied himself a "buxom wench" on the night of their visit last September.

She said: "We've had some flirtatious spirits. We went to a very, very old pub and I sensed this guy who was, well he was stunning to be fair.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but he was this stunning guy with a ruffled shirt and we had what we call a word bank so spirits can manipulate it and spell words out."

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In the live stream which is still available to watch on the group's Facebook page, the word "thick" appeared on a laptop on a pub table, followed by "bar."

Rachel explained: "It's called an Alice box and the words that were coming out. One after the other were flirtatious words, it was crazy really and all the others were like wow, never seen anything like this.

"He was definitely speaking to me, I think he thought 'I'll have this buxom wench', definitely was quite comical."

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The ghost hunters visited the pub after reports of ghostly activity and they did not leave disappointed.

Rachel can be heard telling her colleagues in the clip: "I'll tell you something right, I've never seen such a, he's so handsome, he's so dark and handsome, he's absolutely beaut, quite sexy actually, I've never seen such a sexy ghost.

"He's lovely, lovely dark hair.

"You're gonna laugh but do you know what he just said to me? 'Hi wench', I think he likes them a bit buxom."

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Admitting to feeling a "tickle" and getting "giddy", Rachel took a seat at the pub where she instantly had a vision of a vagabond sleeping on a bench beside her 200 years ago.

Soon the Alice box software threw up "need water" before the hilarious flirting commenced with "erotic."

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Rachel asked her team: "Have you ever seen my like this? I need a room. He fancies me."

As another investigator asked the ghost whether he liked Rachel, another light tool began to flash and the words "drawing room" and "the wall" came up on the Alice box.

"50 shades of ghost," her friend joked as viewers were gripped to the unlikely romance unfolding.


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