UFO hunter shares footage of ‘flying dolphin’ in skies to ‘prove’ aliens exist

A self-proclaimed alien hunter who claims he has been "abducted 60 times" has shared footage of what he believes is a spaceship "in the form of a "lying dolphin".

Russ Kellett, 58, who lives in Filey in north Yorkshire, said he had vivid memories of his abductions from the age of 16 and claimed he had spotted pop star Robbie Williams on board an alien spacecraft.

He has also been documenting UFO sightings and working with filmmakers to share his experience.

In one video, taken in 2002, Russ filmed a UFO moving in the sky.

The object is seen in a curved form, seemingly with a pointed "fin" on top.

Convinced that it was an alien craft, Russ told Yorkshire Live: "If it was a helium balloon, you would see the tether.

"People have said they have seen other crafts in the shape of a dolphin. When I put it (video) out someone said it was a balloon.

"It's got to be an alien craft."

The 58-year-old has previously sketched some of the aliens that he had "encountered", including one 10ft-tall creature with an ox head on a human body.

In a second sketching, he drew an alien in a human form — bald head, deep wide eyes with chiselled jaws and a lightning mark on the chest.

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He recalled one sighting of a man wearing something resemble of a "space suit and helmet".

Russ said: "He was walking in my garden — I could not believe it. I waved and he put his hand up.

"There was a silver object which I thought was a dustbin. He walked behind this silver object and the next thing it juddered and went up. I thought 'what the heck is this'."

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