‘Game over’ for Earth if we encounter hostile aliens, ex-MoD UFO advisor says

It could be “game over” for Earth if we are found by aggressive extraterrestrial lifeforms, a former MoD UFO advisor has claimed.

Recently, it was reported that the world’s largest telescope – which is situated in China – had detected “suspicious” sounds from deep in outer space.

The news sparked a frenzy of discussion about whether this new data proves the existence of alien life, adding to the recent discourse created by the US Congress’ decision to hold a public hearing into evidence of UFOs.

And, after a former astronaut suggested that it is likely intelligent life exists outside of Earth, Nick Pope, former UFO advisor to the Ministry of Defence, acknowledged that there could be a threat to the planet if new life is discovered.

Appearing on GB News, Host Patrick Christys asked his guest how the human race could be certain that an alien civilisation would not “eviscerate” Earth should we reply to their messages.

“We don’t, but in one sense it’s too late,” Nick admitted. “It’s too late because we’ve been a detectable civilisation for decades through our radio and TV broadcasts.

“So I get that people are worried about that, and the late Stephen Hawking was very concerned.

“Sure, if we encounter a more advanced civilisation and it’s hostile, it’s probably game over for planet Earth.”

However, the former Ministry of Defence advisor stressed that fears of an alien takeover shouldn’t prevent humans from trying to uncover the truth about whether extraterrestrial life exists.

“In life, if you took the view that you would just stay at home, we’d never have crossed the oceans, we’d never have sent probes to the moon and Mars. You can’t hide away, you have to see what’s out there,” he said.

After releasing the report on the telescope’s findings earlier this week, (June 15), the Chinese state-backed news outlet quickly removed it from public view.

And, Nick suggested that this redaction might point to a positive finding.

He explained; “One theory is that if there’s a message out there, there’s information in it. And information from a civilisation maybe a billion years ahead of us is going to be worth big bucks.”

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