Chilling footage shows creepy doll ‘rocking chair’ inside haunted hotel

This is the chilling moment a chair seems to be moving on its own inside a 400-year-old hotel that is rumoured to be home to 13 ghosts.

The Ye Olde Kings in Chester has gained a reputation for its paranormal activity involving tormented souls of Civil War soldiers, Roman soldiers, young children and women who worked there when it was a brothel in the 17th century.

The hotel has been featured on paranormal TV programmes and attracted ghost-hunters to visit due to its abnormal activities recorded on cameras.

Paranormal enthusiast Harry Achilleos, who is now running a ghost tour in Chester, has installed 16 infrared cameras in the Grade II-listed Ye Olde Kings to monitor any eerie movements.

In one video taken side Room Six, which is said to be one of the supposedly haunted rooms in the hotel, a wooden chair appears to be rocking back and forth on its own.

The clip shows the furniture, which has a doll sitting on top, moving gently in the middle of the room where the floor is marked with a pentagram.

Danny Moss, who joined Harry to debunk the footage, told Cheshire Live: "It's become such a huge attraction locally. It's the ninth week of the cameras being installed now and the activity we have captured on camera has been phenomenal.

"We found the footage of the rocking chair moving at 3.28pm in the afternoon when there were no guests in the hotel. Harry got a notification on his phone, saying that there was movement in room six.

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"He went back and told me and Brett and we even tried to debunk it but could not find an explanation for this happening as the chair is pretty heavy and would not be moved by a draft or people moving around it, for example.

"I'm quite a scientific person and I will always look for a rational explanation. When I can't find one then that's when I know it's real."

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