Tonsillitis sufferer claims to spot Patrick Swayze in her infected throat

A stunned tonsillitis sufferer claims to have spotted an image of Road House and Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze in her infected throat.

Estella Wright, 22, thought her medication was a bit too strong when she spotted the blob that she claims was a near-perfect shape of the 1980s heartthrob.

Estella, a musical theatre graduate, says she is a huge fan of the actor, so much so that she appeared in a stage production of Swayze's hit 1990 feature, Ghost.

But a particularly bad bout of tonsillitis put Estella in University Hospital Coventry for 11 days, which left her seeing the Red Dawn star on her inflamed throat.

She said: "I'm in hospital on a lot of meds because my tonsils were swollen to the point I couldn't breathe properly. Although I'm mostly okay now.

"I've been taking progress pictures whenever I go to the bathroom to see if the swelling has gone down. I recognise Patrick when I see him. I was in a musical production of Ghost recently, so his face just remains engraved in my brain.

"I assumed it's a mixture of that and the morphine. I took the picture and then thought nothing of it, and then looked back for comparison purposes and was just pleasantly surprised.

"I remember going 'Oh I know that man', again I think it was the drugs. I thought it was like being visited by an old friend."

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Estella was rushed to A&E when her throat closed up so badly that she couldn't speak and was feeling sick because of the antibiotics.

She continued: "Doctors kept looking at my tonsils and running away because they looked 'grim'.

"I've been fed a multitude of antibiotics, steroids and painkillers ever since to try and clear my airways and stop the pain."

Although being a huge fan of the Point Break actor, Estella said she was relieved that he was no longer appearing in her throat, saying: "I'll miss Patrick but I'd much rather be able to eat without choking."

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