WhatsApp users warned over fake Heineken beer Father's Day scam

WhatsApp users have been warned about a scam message circulating on the app promising free beer.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So if you see a message offering you the chance to win ‘free crates of beer’ in time for Father’s Day, don’t be fooled.

The scam appears as a WhatsApp message from a contact along with a picture of an 18-pack cooler of Heineken.

Alongside it is a link to click through to the company’s website to enter the competition. But the link actually takes you through to a phishing website designed to steal your details.

Heineken itself has acknowledged the scam. It responded to one message on Twitter, explaining: ‘This is a scam. Thank you for highlighting it to us. Please don’t click on links or forward any messages. Many thanks.’

Consumer rights group Which? said people should ‘always be suspicious of a message from an unknown number, no matter how tempting the offer may be’.

‘Never click on links in messages as scammers can use URLs to download malware onto your device or take you to a website that will try to steal your personal and bank details,’ it said in a warning about the Heineken scam on its website.

A competition to win free beer for Father’s Day circulating on WhatsApp is a scam, Heineken has said.

Heineken said tis is a phishing scam
– a way of tricking someone into clicking a malicious link or entering personal information like bank details. pic.twitter.com/5yO88kXzCm

Damn I’ve got so many nice mates offering me free Heineken on Whatsapp…

Of course, beer is a perfectly acceptable Father’s Day gift, but you’re going to have to go out and buy it rather than relying on a suspicious message to try and win some for your old man.

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