Prehistoric monster shark Megalodon had huge 20-foot penis and may have returned

A terrifying prehistoric shark, the Megalodon, could have returned to the deep waters of the ocean, bringing with it a 20-foot penis and a dangerous appetite for other sharks.

Megalodon, meaning big tooth, was believed to be extinct but social media users spotted huge bite marks on a shark that say otherwise.

The supposedly extinct species of shark, which could grow to four times the size of an average Great White, also carried a 20-foot penis, a fact checker stated.

A Megalodon's formidable member would, in comparison, be larger than the biggest great white shark ever found, which was measured at a measly 19.5ft.

Shark researchers believe the average Megalodon could grow to 60 feet in size and would weigh over 50 tons, and research indicates the huge ocean-dwelling beasts would snack on whales, dolphins and seals.

The terrifying sharks would consume up to a ton of food every day, and the allegedly extinct beasts could have made a return to the waters, Smithsonian Magazine reported.

One social media user claims to have spotted a Megalodon and the damage it left to a passing shark while diving, photographing some incredible bite marks that could have been left by the Megalodon.

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Although the super sharks which featured in the Jason Statham-led feature, The Meg, are said to have gone extinct 3.6 million years ago, a diver believes to have found evidence of their return.

Megalodon's were a fearsome beast that resided in the deep waters of the ocean, preying on whales, sharks and seals, and it seems one has sunk its teeth into a shark spotted by diver Jalil Najafov.

Daily Star reported the terrifying sighting, with expert researcher Dr Tristan Guttridge saying the attack was likely from "another shark".

Should the bite be from another ocean-dwelling predator, then the size of it would be remarkably larger than the shark Jalil spotted.

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