Aging Yakuza gangster dons can’t scroll TikTok and have to use old flip phones

Elderly yakuza bosses are missing out on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat because they can't upgrade from their old 3G flip phones.

Top brass in the yakuza—Japanese mafia-style organised crime groups—are reportedly unable to get rid of their old phones as mobile networks won't take them on as new customers.

This is becoming a pressing problem for the gangsters, as many of Japan's mobile networks are set to cut off 3G connectivity or already have.

Many senior yakuza were last able to sign a phone contract in 2011 due to the 'Organised Crime Exclusion Ordinances' which prevent companies from doing business with the yakuza.

This includes signing up to mobile phone contracts, as the phone networks don't want to become liable if their systems are used for organised crime.

Apparently the yakuza's top brass aren't willing to lie on the application forms for SIM cards either, as this could give police an excuse to arrest them.

As a result, yakuza bosses will be stuck with 'garakei'; old-school flip phones which look a bit like the old Motorola Razr and are still popular in Japan despite the rise of smartphones.

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It means that they're missing out on some top-notch TikTok videos while they do their dirty work.

Yakuza crime bosses are known for their brutality, with their crimes ranging from weapons dealing to drug smuggling.

In April, a Yakuza member was arrested after telling an undercover police agent he could trade rocket launchers for heroin and methamphetamine.

Takeshi Ebisawa, 57, has been accused of making deals with international terrorist groups to trade US weapons for drugs.

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