Check your router now! Virgin Media issues important advice for all broadband users

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Want to boost your broadband? There are some very easy tips that could help speed up those all-important downloads. Virgin Media has just released some vital advice about its route and users would be wise to take note as it could help stop the stuttering.

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That flashing black box that sits in the corner of the room may not look that exciting but your router is vital for getting access to the web. Small tweaks can improve the connection and also clear any issues that might be causing problems with getting online.

First up, Virgin says it’s really important not to tuck the router behind your TV or poke it inside a cupboard. “Make sure to keep your Hub out in the open,” the broadband firm says “Objects can block and slow WiFi. Signals from baby monitors and cordless phones can also interfere with WiFi signals.”

Virgin advises to have around one metre of clearance around the router if you want the best experience and that’s not all. 

It’s also good practice to keep the Hub upright, with its lights facing into the room. That way your Hub’s strongest WiFi signal goes outwards – not into the floor.

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So that’s the first tip. Next up it appears that giving things a reboot can improve the health of your broadband. Over time, routers get clogged up with data and turning things off and on again can work wonders. Virgin advises that, from time to time, users should switch off their Hub, then wait for at least 10 seconds before switching things back in again. This should help reset things and clear any issues that may be slowing speeds.

One word of caution! It can take up to five minutes to reset so make sure nobody is in the middle of a movie or about to make an important Zoom before switching things off.

The final tip is to make sure you are the only ones connected to your Wi-Fi as neighbours piggybacking your connection can bring things to an annoying halt.

All Virgin Media Hubs have a unique WiFi passphrase to ensure that only you and those you give the passphrase to can access your WiFi network.

If you think someone may have access you can change your password with Virgin offering full advice via its webiste.

So, you’ve followed all these tips… now it’s worth running a speed test to see if you are getting the speeds Virgin is actually promising you.

Website has been approved by Virgin so this is a good place to start. Head to the webpage and tap “Run test’, you’ll then be given the results and see just how fast or slow things really are.

IF things aren’t up to scratch it’s worth checking speeds over a number of days to see if things improve. If not, keep your results handy and give Virgin a call.

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