Mum spooked to see boy ‘disappear’ on fairground ride with her son

A mum was spooked out when a young boy sitting next to her son "vanished" in seconds on a theme park ride.

Nur Afrina Rosni, 30, from Malaysia, and her husband took her five-year-old son, Muiz Afran, to a fairground in Johor when the chilling moment occurred.

She shared a video on social media hoping to get some answers from the viewers.

In the video she posted on social media, her son Muiz is on a "flying car ride" and he is seated with another young boy in the same cart.

As the ride starts, Rosni pans the camera across to follow her son but when when the camera turns from the right again, the boy is not seen anywhere near Muiz.

She could not believe her eyes and asked viewers: "Who is sitting next to Muiz?"

Rosni added in the post that the ride is too small for adults so both she and her husband were not allowed to accompany their son.

"I am not mistaken," she said. "They were sitting together.

"I didn't know the boy next to him. I think the workers seated them together.

"While I was filming a short video, the car came around a second time and my son was suddenly alone.

"When the ride finished, my son came down but the boy next to him did not appear anywhere."

Muiz told her that he did recall sitting with a boy on the ride but when she played back the video to him, he said he had no idea where he went.

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On the following day after the trip to the fairground, she said: "It was scary, but my son is okay.

"However, I'm still left wondering…what happened to that boy?"

Viewers shared their thoughts in the comments and many pointed out that the boy could not be hiding because of the safety bar on the ride.

"There's no way he could bow until he stopped at that time, didn't see his shirt either," one said.

Others said it could be a trick of combining two clips.

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