Creepy ‘wrestler’ asks for ‘c**k and ball workout’ in front of live London crowd

A top British wrestling promoter was filled with instant regret when checking his emails this week.

Gary Ward, who owns the Wrestle Carnival and House of Honor Pro promotions, took to Twitter to express his shock at an email he had received from someone who wanted to be booked on a show.

The person, who claimed to be a “slim male Asian dancer” had a very strange list of requests – and also claimed that he dresses in “girlie leotards and tights, fit for a 13 year old girl”.

The email said: “I also do private erotic wrestling and like being used as a wrestling jobber (some who loses a lot) practice dummy.

“I love being shoulder racked, over the knee backbreakered, bear hugged and reverse bear hugged so the front of my thongs are hiked up.

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“I also like to be wedgied off in my leotards and tights and wedgieplexed too big time.

“I like being put in the above positions, with added erotic moves, such as c**k and balls workout and pleantly (sic) of wedgies in my tights!”

The strange email was finished there, however, as the person wanted to know if he could be “worked over by guys and girls” – and he specifically wanted to have it done in front of a live audience in London or Essex.

He added: “I would not even mind coming to the London event and be worked over too by the guys and girl wrestlers, in front of the audience!

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“This is a genuine request, as I would love to have my school boy dreams come true, while I am wearing my Lycra and spandex catsuits and thong back leotards.”

And in a very strange sign off, he ended the email with the words “yum tum!!!”.

The email went down as you expect on social media, with wrestlers and fans alike offering to fulfil the man's dreams.

Liverpool-born Harley Hudson tweeted: “F**k it, I'll wrestle him.”

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And Tyler Adams said: “I too would like to be wedgieplexed”.

Whether he turns up at Wrestle Carnival's next show at HMV Empire in Coventry on July 10 remains to be seen, however.

The show will be headlined by former WWE star Scotty 2 Hotty, and current Wrestle Carnival champion Charles Crowley – who debuted in Eastenders and mechanic "Dave" earlier this week.

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