Your partner could be cheating on you if they have these apps, warns TikTok star

People are fearing for their relationships after a grave warning was issued by a TikTok user about secret cheating apps.

An innocent-looking calculator app is actually being used as a front for secret files.

TikToker @nuggetonair said: "If you're dating a guy and you go into his phone and type in the word 'calculator' and he has two calculator apps, he's cheating on you."

The app in question is called 'Calculator# Hide Photos Video'. Disguised as a calculator, it can actually "secretly hide confidential photos, videos, documents, passwords, notes, contacts and to-dos".

The secret app is designed to "make it impossible for prying eyes and hackers from discovering it" but the TikTok user says it is frequently used as a "secret photo album for nudes".

TikTok users shared their shock at the news. One user, Scarlett O'Hara, said: "That's why we're not dating men anymore".

Another, Laura Hart, wrote: "According to my husband, that's not the only app that can conceal that."

One user, Lauren Berkley, wrote: "Huh? My ex said his second calculator app was to save financial docs he wanted to keep private when travelling."

However, not everyone was happy with the clip, with some users criticising the idea of checking a partner's phone without their permission.

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One user called Jess said: "I think if you feel the need to go through the phone it's probably already over."

The fake calculator app is just one of many secret apps used by cheaters.

One app called Vaulty Stocks is disguised as an app for checking the stock market, but it can actually be used to store secret pitches and videos behind a functioning stock market interface.

It will even snap a mugshot of anyone who tries to break into the app with the wrong password using your phone's selfie camera.

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