Own an old Samsung, LG or Sony TV? This small upgrade will make it sound a lot better

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If you’re constantly struggling to hear what’s being said on the telly then Sennheiser might have the answer. The audio firm has just announced the release of its new TV Clear gadget which promises to beam the sound from the big screen right into your ears without the need for annoying cables or tricky installation. Now, you’re probably thinking this is nothing new but Sennheiser has added numerous bonus features which it says will help set these earbuds apart from any of its rivals.

Perhaps the best thing about the TV Clear buds is the option to choose from five speech clarity levels with each offering an improved way to hear the dialogue. This should mean every word that’s being said will sound crystal clear no matter how subtle the conversation is on the display.

The buds also come with a special transmitter that plugs into the back of your telly. This then sends the audio signal straight to the TV Clear devices with super-low latency stopping any lag or annoying lip-syncing issues.

If you want to use the buds on the move they also feature a standard Bluetooth connection for use with devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Another nice feature is the ability to set your own volume levels without the TV’s actual audio being affected. This should be perfect for people who like things turned up to the max without disturbing members of the family who enjoy things being a little quieter.

Finally, there’s a 15-hour battery life with the buds getting a battery boost courtesy of their charging case.

If you like the sound of them then Sennheiser says they will be available from later June and cost £349.99.

Of course, it’s not just Sennheiser trying to boost the audio on your TV with Sonos also releasing its new Ray soundbar this month.

This device, which is much more affordable than the firm’s other soundbars, comes packed with big sound and features including clever TruePlay technology which makes sure the audio is perfectly suited for the room it’s in.

There’s also a Night Sound mode which reduces the intensity of loud effects, so you don’t disturb anyone and Speech Enhancement technology makes sure every the voice of every actors is crystal clear.

Express.co.uk has just reviewed the new Ray speaker and you can find our full thoughts here.

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