How to get your Spotify pie chart – the simple way to ‘bake your monthly genre pie’

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A new pie chart tool that shows your Spotify music streaming habits has launched online. The third-party feature analyses user history and turns it into a neat pie chart, broken down into the different genres played through your account. Unlike the ‘Wrapped’ feature, Spotify customers can access the data at any time using the software, which was built by Darren Huang, a student at University of California, Los Angeles. Here’s how to use the site to view your own Spotify pie chart.

How to get your Spotify pie chart

University student Darren Huang’s new ‘Spotify Pie’ feature works through the streaming app, and is hosted using Github.

Listeners can enjoy the new analytics tool for free by visiting the site which can be accessed here.

The third-party app requires users to log in via their Spotify account in order to access their personalised pie chart.

Here’s how to do it yourself.

Once you open the Github site address, you will see a page titled ‘Spotify Pie’.

The innovative site allows you to view the visualised data set by logging into your existing account via the music streaming site.

To do this, click the green button and enter your login details.

By logging in through this tool, you will be giving the site access to your listening history which is required to make the chart.

The rest of your account, including your billing information, should be safe.

How does the tool work?

The pie chart tool is just one of a range of services that look to visualise what you have been listening to.

In theory, anyone can build a tool that analyses your history if your Spotify settings grant third-party apps access to this data.

The unique aspect of the Spotify Pie Chart, as opposed to Spotify’s own official ‘Wrapped’ feature, is that it can be updated on a monthly basis.

The website humorously says “Bake Your Monthly Genre Pie” on the opening page where you are required to login.

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According to LoudWire, the tool works on both your mobile and desktop, so it really can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

Depending on your listening habits, the chart will be broken up into as many as 20 genres, though this will vary from user-to-users.

Some of the genres include standard categories like pop, hip-hop and rap, though the software also analyses more detailed styles of music, such as ‘Oxford Indie’, ‘Cyberpunk’ and ‘Indie Game Soundtrack’.

Your most listened to artists will also appear in a clear list below the chart, with the text size changing depending on how often you listen to them

What other analytics tools exist?

Spotify works with a range of other analytics services, the most famous and established being ‘Stats for Spotify’.

This tool shows your favourite tracks, artists and genres over a set period of time.

While it is a simple feature to use, it shows a detailed insight into your listening habits in the last six months.

You can also access an ‘all time’ overview of your music taste.

‘Obscurify’ is more controversial and will let you know how mainstream your taste is, while ‘How Bad is Your Spotify’ will roast you for the music you listen to.

Another tool known as ‘how NPRcore are you’ will tell you how much your taste aligns with the public radio station.

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