Woman makes amazing discovery down the back of stranger’s second-hand couch

A woman in need of a new couch took to Craigslist and found an amazing discovery when taking in a free second-hand couch.

Vicky Umodu made the discovery of a lifetime when she took in the couch of a family who were looking to get rid of furniture after the passing of a loved one.

The California-based resident was shocked to make the stunning find inside the sofa, which she believed was a "gimmick" from the former couch owners.

But upon ringing up the family, she realised that the $36,000 (£28,753) found down the back of the couch was not, in fact, a "gimmick".

Umodu had been searching through Craigslist for some furniture for her new home when she found a lounge suite that was on the market and listed as free.

Speaking to KGO-TV, Umodu said: "I said: 'Maybe it's a gimmick,' let me call them. I just moved in, and I don't have anything in my house.

"I was so excited, so we picked it up and brought it in."

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Upon bringing the couch into the residence, Umodu noticed something hard in one of the couch cushions, and was shocked when she found tens of thousands of dollars inside.

The finding of tens of thousands of dollars prompted Umodu to call the family and notify them of the money found in the couch seats, immediately returning the full amount.

Umodu promptly called to the family after finding the money to notify them of the discovery, immediately returning the full amount.

As a thank you for returning the money, Umodu received $2,200 (£1,754) to purchase a new refrigerator with.

The family say they are unsure as to how the money ended up in the couch seats, but had recently gotten rid of the furniture after the passing of a loved one.

They added that they had later found hundreds of dollars stashed away in various places around their home, news.com.au reported.

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