Your old iPhone could be worth £18,000 as ‘retro’ Apple tech shoots up in value

If you're the proud owner of an old iPhone or iPod, you could be sitting on an absolute fortune as the value of 'retro' Apple tech continues to grow.

First-generation iPhones are worth as much as £18,000 in the packaging on eBay, while the first iPod Classic goes for as much as £36,000 online to eagle-eyed collectors.

Although it might feel like this kit only came out yesterday, many Apple products are now considered valuable collector items since being phased out in favour of new high-tech gadgets.

Even newer models of used iPods go for thousands of pounds, as both Apple fans and audiophiles like them for their big storage options.

However, none of these newer gadgets are worth as much as old Apple computers, which were some of the first PCs ever sold to the general public.

The first MacIntosh can sell for as much as £4400, while the Apple-1 computer is so rare that it has sold for as much as £660,000 in auctions.

Apple are known for their high prices, and although some of these may have cost thousands new, it's a good reminder that holding onto your old tech when you upgrade can eventually pay off.

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Keeping gadgets in their original packaging can be like gold dust to collectors as it helps verify authenticity.

Even if an item is broken, you can get it repaired or refurbished and resell it.

Most importantly, don't rush to sell your old Apple gadgets, as they will increase in value over time and you could get even more money in a few years. It might even be worth buying up some gadgets now and keeping them in boxes for a decade or two–you never know!

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