WhatsApp's next update could save you from embarrassing message mistakes

The world’s most popular messaging app is tipped to be working on the ability to edit messages.

At present, there’s no way of editing a message on WhatsApp after you’ve sent it.

Just like Twitter, plenty of embarrassment and frustration could be saved if users were able to quickly amend a message after they’ve sent it.

And while WhatsApp has been toying with the idea of letting users edit messages before, it’s never come to fruition.

Now, according to an update from the WhatsApp-watching blog WABetaInfo, the ‘Edit message’ option is clearly visible in a screenshot of a development build of the app.

Although the screenshot shows is of an Android device, WABetaInfo suggests the feature will be developed for both Android and Apple’s iOS.

The blog claims that the option to edit messages follows WhatsApp’s recent decision to include message reactions.

WABetaInfo reports that it first noticed the development of editing messages five years ago, but for whatever reason, WhatsApp hasn’t pursued it until now.

The site suggests there probably won’t be an edit history to check previous versions of edited messages. But it notes that, as the option is under development, that could change.

WhatsApp was planning to develop the ability to edit messages more than 5 years ago. Finally it is back 😅😍 https://t.co/WZLfdwrqNt

Unfortuantely, there’s no time window about when the feature may be rolled out to WhatsApp’s over two billion users.

With message reactions, WhatsApp included them in the final version of the app a month after first announcing it.

The emoji reactions does come with limitations. For example, you can only add one reaction per message which is pretty standard across the Meta-owned apps like Facebook and Instagram.

It remains to be seen when (and if) the option to edit messages finally arrives on WhatsApp.

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