This company wants to get you to eat ground-up chicken bones

If you like eating chicken, you probably think of a delicious roast dinner or a clutch of piping hot chicken nuggets.

Either way, it’s unlikely you’re wanting to gnaw on a chicken bone.

But Finnish startup SuperGround says it’s come up with a way to get even more meat out of a chicken. It involves, as the name implies, grounding up the bones and incorporating them into products like nuggets or meatballs.

The idea might not be to everyone’s tastes, but the company says it’ll actually mean we get more use out of each chicken consumed and, in doing so, lower the envrionmental cost of each kilo of meat produced.

SuperGround says the food-production line it has created enables the production of up to 30% more poultry-based food from the same amount of chicken. And that’s without the need to increase chicken farming.

‘Food-production companies are trying to achieve cost-control and efficiency, while customer demand and more strict regulations put increasing pressure on companies to achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

‘This, therefore, makes it easier for consumers to make more sustainable daily food choices without the need to change their dietary habits or spend more on sustainable alternatives,’ said Tuomas Koskinen, chair of the board of SuperGround, and one of the investors in the company.

CEO and founder of SuperGround, and inventor of the solution, Santtu Vekkeli, explained that various food raw materials were evaluated and tested before chicken was selected.

‘Chicken is among the most environmentally efficient grown terrestrial animals, consuming the least land and water resources,’ he said.

‘Around 35-40% of chicken net weight is bones, after guts and feathers are removed, making it optimal for our process,’ he said.

Under a microscope, the ground up chicken bones are indistinguishable from the other parts of the bird included in the nugget, meatball or burger.

Now, it’s just a case of convincing people to eat it.

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