Check your Gmail inbox NOW! Google has important advice you should not ignore

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If you use a Gmail account then there’s some very useful advice from Google that will make sure all of your emails stay safe from prying eyes. The US technology firm has highlighted a very simple setting found within your account that reveals exactly what devices – such as phones, PCs and tablets – have access to personal emails and who is logged into them. You can even see when the device was last active and where in the world it’s being used.

If like most people, you have logged into your Gmail account on multiple gadgets throughout the years, have used public computers or simply checked your inbox at a friend’s house, it’s a really good idea to see what is happening and who still has access. You might actually be surprised by the number of devices that are still logged in.

Here’s how to check your email account:

Launch your Gmail account on your web browser and tap your account in the very top right-hand corner – it’s a circle with your chosen picture in it. Here you’ll see your name and email address followed by a button which says “Manage your Google account”.

Gmail: Google demonstrates how to block an email address

Tap on this and choose “Security” from the list of options that will appear on the left-hand side of the browser window

Next, you need to scroll down until you spot a box that says “Your devices”. Here you’ll see the first most recent gadgets you are signed in on plus a number underneath that shows how many more could be active.

You can then choose the option to “Manage devices” with a full list of phones, laptops, desktop PCs and tablets being revealed.

From this list, you can check when the account was last accessed and which area of the world someone has logged in. It even reveals the type of browser being used to view the account.

If you don’t recognise the device or it’s no longer in your possession you can then opt to sign out remotely to help keep your private emails safe.

Of course, if you use services such as Google Docs or Google Photos these could also be at risk if you’re signed in on another device so it’s a really good idea to take time checking this setting and signing out of any devices that you’re unsure of.

Explaining more about the feature, Google said: “You can see computers, phones, and other devices where you are or were signed in to your Google Account recently. You can check to make sure no one else has signed in to your account.”

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