Glowing red UFO spotted in the night sky as sceptics search for answers

Truth-seekers are searching for answers after footage has emerged of a glowing red orb in the sky above Denmark.

A bright, red light is seen in the clip, flying above the main road – which has left sceptics wondering whether it is a flare or alien visitors.

The footage was recorded in December 2018 but was shared under the subreddit r/UFOs this morning (Saturday, May 28).

The original poster, @pooperbeltt explained in the comments: "A friend of mine sent this video to me back in December of 2018.

"Back then I really just took this video as some flare in the sky, but after I took more and more interest in ufology, reading comments on YouTube and Twitter about this footage, and also even having my own orb encounter…might be something else? Who knows? I'd love your opinions on this.

"I've heard aliens (the usual), Mars, Annunaki starship, and rocket. Flare seems to be the most obvious until someone on Twitter was analyzing the video and claimed that it's not a flare cuz flares doesn't just stop emitting light and re-emitting that slow.

"I'm no flare expert but I've seen flare videos and can't seem to find something similar to this. I can confirm there's no stationary object on that road, other than signs? But that makes even less sense.

"The guy that sent the video to me told me it wasn't the moon or anything like that. I'm sure he can tell the difference between a building and something floating in the sky."

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But despite the Reddit user claiming to have debunked the flare theory, many people in the comments still insisted it is one.

One user wrote: "That's a flare from a flare-gun."

Another added: "Yeah, that’s a flare."

However, another user claimed it is a stationary light: "I think it’s a stationary light on a distant building or other structure that appears to keep pace with the car and move as the road bends to the left."

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A UFO sceptic added that it could be a real aircraft but they didn't want to jump to conclusions because of the colour, writing: "I don’t want to immediately claim it is real because I obviously don’t know but it is a shame that people are so quick to call it a flare when it does look like how people describe an ‘orb’.

"It even has the red hue which is both the colour of some orbs and is the colour of flares. If only it were a different colour, then it’d be easier."

A fifth said: "I would definitely not say that is Mars, FFS."

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