Bloke ridiculed as ‘creepy’ and ‘scary’ after spending £12.5K to become a dog

A man has been mocked as "creepy" and "scary" after forking out £12,500 to become a dog.

Twitter user @toco_eevee, who goes by Toko, has transformed himself into a collie thanks to the incredible work of bespoke costume makers.

Since receiving his new four-legged look last month, Toko from Japan has launched a YouTube channel showing off tricks such as fetch and playing ping pong with his paw.

Each of Toko's seven videos show him playing a different game or rolling over on command as he fully channels his inner dog.

In one of his first clips he explains via a clipboard: "I became a rough collie because I wanted to be an animal. From now on I'm thinking of uploading videos at my own pace.

"Please let me know your request for the video you would like to see in the comments!"

Taking the costume out in public was suggested as a fan asked: "Please walk down the street wearing that while someone films you. I need to see people's reaction especially if you start talking."

Another oddly pleaded: "Good doggy. Do another video where you're barking."

And one man shared a bizarre idea "This suit will be useful when you're spying on your spouse. If it has teeth then you can take a bite out of the guy flirting with your wife."

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Not everyone has taken the invitation to leave such requests though as dozens of comments on Toko's videos tend to say the same thing.

One person wrote: "Thats scary af, I'm sorry"

"This is só creepy," another said.

Others however have applauded the man-dog for living out his dream.

"What a weird way to spend money! looks so real, like a beautiful collie dog, very original! Greetings," someone commented.

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Another YouTube user reacted: "For some strange reason I have this desire to rub his belly. Wtf is wrong with me."

According to Japanese media, Toko ordered the 'quadsuit' for £12,500 (2 million Yen) from Zeppet which makes sculptures for movies, TV shows.

His dream of becoming an animal came true after 40 days when it was finally in his hands.

Toko said: “I made it a collie because it looks real when I put it on my taste and costume. My favourite is quadrupedal animals, especially cute ones.

"Among them, I thought that a big animal close to me would be good, considering that it would be a realistic model, so I decided to make it a dog. Long-haired dogs can mislead the human figure. I met such a condition and made a collie, my favourite breed of dog.”

When asked how mobile he can be, Toko replied: “There are restrictions, but you can move it. However, if you move it too much, it will not look like a dog.”

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