Mum thought she was giving birth to 5 kids – then docs found 6th in her spleen

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A mother was left stunned after she gave birth to quintuplets – only for the doctor to find a sixth baby hiding under her spleen during labour.

The incredible story took place in the US and happened to Becki and Keith Dilley from Indiana. The duo had met in a Wendy's restaurant and had tried to conceive for more than eight years without success.

As a result, they underwent fertility treatment – with Becki finally falling pregnant as a result, with what she thought was five babies.

Doctors actually tied her uterus closed to keep the babies in as there was a risk of danger in her pregnancy.

In May of 1993, when she was only seven months pregnant, 30 doctors and nurses began a Caesarean section to deliver the babies.

All throughout the pregnancy, ultrasounds showed five tots, with three boys and two girls being successfully delivered on May 25, 1993. Brenna, Julian, Quinn, Claire and Ian were all happy and healthy – leaving the midwife to try and help Becki deliver her placenta.

Only, when he reached in, he grabbed a foot instead. A sixth baby had been hiding out behind his mother's spleen all along – little Adrian.

They are, to date, the only set of sextuplets to survive, with the six of them set to turn 29 on May 25.

Nowadays, the kids have entered the medical world in another way. Julian, born second on that faithful day, is the only doctor of the six.

One of his brothers, Ian, is a pharmacist. Their sister Claire is an emergency room nurse, while their other sister Brenna is studying law and his two other brothers Adrian and Quinn are pursuing military careers.

When you consider that it's a one in 4.7 BILLION chance of falling pregnant with sextuplets, the family are a modern-day medical miracle.

It comes after a mum and dad revealed how their triplets were born seven years apart – but look identical.

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