Scammers use Beeple's hacked Twitter account to trick crypto fans out of £348k

The Twitter account of digital artist Beeple was hacked in a phishing scam allowing the attackers to steal more than $70,000 (£55,638) in cryptocurrency.

Beeple, who’s real name is Mike Winkelmann, has become well-known for creating NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and selling them for huge amounts.

Yesterday, the artist’s hacked account posted links to a fake Louis Vuitton NFT raffle, which follows a real collaboration Beeple recently made with the luxury fashion house.

Earlier this month, Winkelmann designed 30 NFTs for the luxury fashion brand’s Louis The Game mobile game, which were embedded as rewards to players.

And the perpetrators of the attack took advantage of this to stage the fake raffle which, in turn, conned people out of their money.

Harry Denley, a security analyst at MetaMask, an Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet, alerted users that Beeple’s tweets containing the fraudulent raffle link were, in fact, a phishing scam that would drain the crypto out of users’ wallets if clicked.

Beeple is a 3D artist, most famous for being the first to sell his digital artwork for a record-breaking £50.5 million worth of Ether cryptocurrency at a Christie’s auction.

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