‘Russian Bigfoot’ appears to chase ‘terrified’ family’s car in chilling footage

A 'terrified' family were spotted fleeing from a 'bigfoot' in chilling footage captured in Bashkortostan, Russia.

The chilling clip shows a black, ape-like figure running through long grass behind the vehicle as the family are heard whimpering in fear as they filmed the creature through the passenger-side window.

In a translation of the by Igor Burtsev, a sasquatch expert, the family were panicking and telling each other to 'close the windows' but to 'keep shooting' the footage.

The video, which has resurfaced on Bigfoot Tony's YouTube channel, was initially captured back in 2016 and has garnered over 314,000 views.

Many believed the clip to be compelling evidence that 'Bigfoot' exists – even if others weren't so convinced.

One user said: "Very interesting! Looks pretty real to me, and the family's reaction seems natural and honest.

"They seem to be stopping several times to get a better look, possibly annoying the creature – causing it to give chase. The stills are compelling too."

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Another wrote: "This to me just comes across as the real deal and it is scary as heck!"

A third said: "I believe it's real. Look at how much territory it covers in a short time.

"Pretty hard to imagine a person in a costume going that fast through rough terrain."

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A fourth wrote: "This looks authentic to me, I wish we knew the circumstances surrounding this video. Strange behaviour for a Sasquatch; I hope it wasn't injured."

However, one user wasn't so convinced as they said: "That's definitely a man in a snipers suit, I can see the outline of his arm & body when he raises his arms!"

Another added: "The way it struggles to walk through tall grass like that makes it look human."

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