Foot-tall ‘alien’ seen watching Mars rover in ‘100% proof of life’ – UFO expert

A UFO conspiracy theorist claims to have spotted an alien figure watching over the Mars rover in photos from NASA.

The self-professed expert Scott C. Waring said the sight was "100% proof of intelligent life" after catching a glimpse of the 'foot-tall' being with a pink body from his home in Taiwan.

Analysing the pictures on his blog UFO Sightings Daily, Waring said: "Everyone here knows I love to comb through NASA photos. Well, I came across something unique…something that is 100% proof of intelligent life.

"There is a person laying down watching the NASA Mars rover from a safe distance away.

"The person is about 1 foot tall, 3 meters and is laying down, pinkish upper chest, neck and face, radish hair, wearing a dark suit, but has a grey object over one shoulder, it looks like a backpack of some sort.

"There are even footprints behind the person leading up to the location they chose to lay down at."

Waring claimed to have found the figure among rocks on the surface of the Red Planet on February 3 2022, despite NASA's original images being posted online in April 2021.

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The news comes after Nick Pope, who investigated UFOs for the British Government, claims that if humans ever come into contact with extraterrestrial life, the species will likely be millions or even billions of years ahead of us.

Describing the "unimaginable" technology gap to The Sun Pope said: “If we face an alien invasion, it would be stealth fighters against bows and arrows, and even that is understating the technology that they would have.

“Their technology would be indistinguishable from magic. It’s almost unimaginable. The weapons that an alien civilization may have could wipe out life in a heartbeat."

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