Woman, 28, lives with 400 spiders inside her home including venomous tarantulas

Bethany Staples began keeping tarantulas to cure her fear of spiders – but it’s stopped her friends calling round.

The 400 crawlers she has at home have scared off pals, who no longer want to visit. The 28-year-old said: “Most people won’t come in. They have taken over an entire room.”

Bethany has 150 adult and 250 babies living in her spare room, including venomous species such as Thailand blacks and rose hair tarantulas.

She now breeds the eight-legged creatures and says her hobby has not only cured her fear but also given her “downtime” from her job in private security.

"They’re like Pokémon," she said, "I want to catch them all. It’s quite an addictive hobby and niche, because there’s so many different types."

Bethany first started keeping spiders in 2020 – and began breeding them last year.

She added: "When I moved into my own house for the first time, I wanted a low maintenance pet. I didn’t think it would be spiders though, because I used to be scared of them. I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t pick one up.

"A week before I got my first tarantula, there was a spider in my bathroom and I had to get a friend to take it out."

But Bethany’s fear soon turned into fascination. She revealed: "There are 100,000 different types of tarantula. Some have stronger venom than others – but no tarantula has strong enough venom to kill a human."

They are fed a diet of worms and cockroaches once a week at her home in Calne, Wilts.

Bethany, who also keeps scorpions, beetles, a gecko, millipedes and a rottweiler, said: "The whole process takes me a few hours. I wouldn’t be able to have so many if they weren’t low maintenance and easy to care for."

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