Two men capture ‘Bigfoot’ running through the trees as they drive around forest

Two men were filming themselves chatting as they drove through a forest – until something caught their eye in the background.

In a clip which was posted to TikTok, the pair is heard talking to each other as the camera faces the windscreen, showing a tree lying in the middle of the track.

The video posted by @cryptiduniversity, which has received over 1,000 likes, said: "Notice the tree trying to block the road? Top of the tree has been snapped?"

The driver moves slowly around the fallen tree before the camera pans round to the driver.

But in the background, it is believed that a 'Bigfoot' was seen running through the trees from the driver's side window.

The segment of the video is then replayed in slow motion to show the dark-haired humanoid-shaped creature sprinting through the overgrowth.

Some Tiktok viewers believed the footage to be genuine, as one user said: "That might be the best footage of Bigfoot on tt."

Another wrote: "Yeah, it’s called luck."

A third joked: "He was trying to take a poop and they disturbed him."

A fourth added: "Hey! maybe Bigfoot was trying to keep the asshat from burning his forest down with his cigarette."

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However, the vast majority dubbed it a "hoax" as the creature just so happened to come into frame at the right time to be caught on camera.

One user said: "Calling hoax on this one."

Another added: "Notice how he was talking to his friend but didn't have the camera centred on him until after they "accidentally" filmed Bigfoot in centre frame."

A third commented: "The camera just happens to turn that way. Yeah okay."

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A fourth said: "That's a very short Bigfoot."

The news comes after a Google Maps user has claimed to have found conclusive proof Bigfoot exists in a still from an unknown grassy location but not everyone is convinced.

Sightings of Bigfoot are incredibly rare and most are disproven as soon as they are published.

And this spotting might be the most unbelievable of all as the famously camera-shy sasquatch appears to be making no attempt whatsoever to blend in.

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