Terrified woman finds Apple tracker device in her bag following trip to the shop

A woman in Manchester has issued a warning to women about Apple AirTags, after making a chilling discovery when she came home from the shops.

TikTok user 'molly32320' posted a series of videos to her page claiming she found an Apple AirTag in her bag.

She says that while searching for her vape, she found the coin-sized device and was initially confused as to what it was.

After discovering it was an AirTag, she became convinced she was being tracked by someone and decided to destroy the device by soaking it in water and dumping it outside away from her home.

In a third clip, 'Molly' says: "Girls if you're listening and this has happened to you before, just be careful. If you ever see one of these AirTags in your bag, be careful, go and soak it in water like me and put it in the grass."

TikTok users took to the comments to warn her. One user, Pauline Kiernan said: "It's a tracker they can find out where you live go to the police and report it hun. Please stay safe."

While many users were supportive, some people aren't convinced the video is real as she apparently didn't file a police report and none of the clips show her actually destroying the AirTag. One user said: "The acting here is quite something."

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Apple AirTags have attracted plenty of criticism since launching last year after dozens of people discovered them hidden on their person.

Earlier this month, an American family says they were enjoying a day out at Disney World when they discovered a stranger was tracking them using an Apple AirTag all day.

They were alerted thanks to an iPhone notification warning them of an unidentified AirTag in their presence for hours. This is a feature Apple added to iPhones after reports began to emerge of the devices being used to follow people.

Apple AirTags are small, coin-sized devices designed to help people find lost belongings like keys. Apple has made concerted efforts to address privacy fears, releasing a 'user safety guide' as well as adding new precision finding features to help people locate AirTags easier if they're in close proximity to one of the devices for too long.

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