Listen to hackers brilliantly wasting Russian officials' time with phone prank

Russian officials are having their feathers ruffled by hilarious pranksters who are making joke calls.

Hackers have cleverly created a website as a ‘weapon’ which will annoy Russian government workers, and ultimately distract them from the Ukraine war.

The calls make for great listening, with one irritated caller exclaiming: ‘I wasn’t calling you, you say I was calling you. What do you want to hear from me now?’

The website auto-dials the officials, connects them to each other and allows people to listen in to their confusion.

It was made by a group of international hacktivists to combine prank calling and robocalling into an automated nuisance.

By visiting the site and clicking a button, the website will start calling a list of leaked phone numbers belonging to the Russian government, military, and intelligence.

People can hear the officials wasting their time trying to figure out why they’re speaking to each other, and who initiated the call.

You can listen to the results of the brilliant prank below.

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